Toy of month March 18

Bubbles … So I keep a bottle in my therapy box at all times. I’ve also been know to have one in my hand bag and the glove box of my car … always be prepared. Over the years bubbles have saved me on a number of  occasions when children found it difficult to settle.


Why do I love them for therapy ? Well first the kids just love them and secondarily they target so many areas .

Here are a few

  1. Watching and popping bubbles requires sustained attention the foundation skill of all learning .
  2. Following the bubbles with the eyes is great for visual tracking
  3. Popping the bubbles with a swipe of the hand is good for eye-hand coordination
  4. Popping bubbles with an index finger develops finger isolation
  5. Encouraging your child to ask you to blow the bubbles promotes language
  6. Blowing bubbles is requires breath support
  7. Blowing bubbles works oral musculature which can help with feeding and speech
  8. Address taking turns by alternating blowing and popping the bubbles with your child
  9. Touching the bubbles is a tactile sensory experience .

So for 2 euro in your nearest euro giant store you can achieve all this . It’s top marks from me.