Toy of the Month May 18

This months toy of the month “Tricky Fingers” is a therapy favourite for older children. It presents a really good challenge while also being fun and entertaining.

The aim of the game is to replicate patterns by manipulating marbles with your fingertips thru holes in the bottom of the boards.

Just like the other toys we have discussed on our blog this one works on a variety of different skills .
It builds bilateral skills, visual-perceptual skills and motor planning. In addition it’s a great “tool” for getting kids to slow down and focus.

It’s also a fun social game as children can play against one another seeing who can complete the pattern first. This gives opportunities for children to win and lose and learn how to cope with emotions around the same.

Finally, it is small and compact which makes it very portable so it can keep your children entertained on car trips , family gatherings or while waiting for appointments.

It’s also good value, Irish based company thinking toys has it available at 10 euro.

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