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Junior “Get focused” OT summer club

The better the focus, the better the outcomes!

Is your child in constant motion? Impulsive? Fidgeting? Have a hard time getting focused and staying focused? These are signs that a child may have problems with self-regulation. Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and control one’s self to be able to stay focused on an activity and transition between activities. This can be a challenge for some children with sensory issues and or development issues.

We use games, pictures and play as therapy meduims, drawing on the principles of the alert program to equip your child with practical easy to use ideas to support self regulation.


Club goals:

  • Learn to recognize energy level and emotional state using the engine speed analogy.
  • Learn some strategies and tools to help with managing energy levels and emotions.
  • Learn when they might use preferred strategies e.g. school or home.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Ages 7 – 10 (boys & girls welcome)
  • Attends mainstream school environment and /or has average intellectual ability.
  • Your child is toilet trained.
  • Your child can attend alone.
  • Your child enjoys group based activities.

Junior “Get Focused” summer club dates:

13th ,14th ,15th ,16th August 5:00 to 6:15 daily.


90 euro per child for the club. Payment must be paid in full before our club starts and a deposit of 25 euro is required to secure your place. Places are limited.


Leanbh Occupational Therapy

Teach Leanbh

Ballinalee Rd ,


How to book :

Send us an email to expressing your interest. A booking form will be send to you along with a link for deposit payment.

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