Sensory Tips

Party planning tips for the sensory child .

For the weekend that's in it, Im sharing my tips for planning a birthday party for your sensory child. 🚸Firstly, you need to think about your child’s sensory profile, are they a seeker, avoider or mixed. 🎊 You need to prepare them for the party. Let them know when, with who and what is planned.… Continue reading Party planning tips for the sensory child .

Therapy groups/clubs

Junior “Get focused” OT summer club

The better the focus, the better the outcomes! Is your child in constant motion? Impulsive? Fidgeting? Have a hard time getting focused and staying focused? These are signs that a child may have problems with self-regulation. Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and control one’s self to be able to stay focused on an activity… Continue reading Junior “Get focused” OT summer club


Toy of the Month April 18

This month's toy of the month is this wooden high tea set from Aldi Ireland for 24:99 euro. This beautifully crafted set allows for some wonderful pretend play opportunities. Every area of development – motor, cognitive, communication and social/emotional – can be developed through engaging in pretend play. Firstly, children will practice controlling the small… Continue reading Toy of the Month April 18


Is your child early morning waking ?

Parents tell me all the time their children are waking up early at times like 5am while reasons for early waking do vary, there are a few things that can be used to support early waking. Sensory Diets. You may have had an OT discuss these or suggest these for home and school. Some children… Continue reading Is your child early morning waking ?