Services & Costs

We offer services for children who have or may be presenting with signs of Dyspraxia /Developmental Co Ordination Disorder, Attention Disorders (ADD,ADHD), Autistic Spectrum disorders, sensory processing difficulties, intellectual disability, Down Syndrome, Learning Difficulties, Developmental Delays, Neurological Conditions (Cerebral Palsy, Various Syndromes etc) Dyslexia and Dysgraphia.

  • Occupational Therapy Assessments, normally lasting between 1.5 -2 hours, are always provided using a gold standard formal assessment based on your child’s individual presenting needs. These needs will have been gathered through our initial phone consultation and pre-visit questionnaires. All professional reports will be issued within 10 days.
  • Supporting RACE applications. Certain applications for reasonable accommodation in junior and leaving certificate examinations require Occupational Therapy reports to support applications. We offer assessments and reports for students seeking reasonable accommodations through school applications.
  • Dare applications – Disability Access Route to Education. As part of the DARE application, specific disabilities or needs require an OT assessment. We offering this service for students applying to third level education.
  • Therapy sessions lasting 45 -50 minutes in length are based around your child’s personality and their unique needs. Activities are chosen to be fun but also to provide the just right challenge, whatever the age and level. Parental participation is strongly encouraged throughout to transfer skills into the home environment. All therapy sessions will end with time for feedback and discussion.
  • Pre-school/school visits are available at the request of parents or services. The aim is to observe, interact and assess the child in the school environment in order to develop the potential of the school environment. It is also aimed at optimizing the skills of the individuals working with the child. School visits are essential for developing IEP’s and to develop collaborative approaches between therapy, home and school.
  • Group Therapy sessions. At Leanbh Occupational Therapy we run different group based therapy sessions for groups of children/adolescents. Groups previously ran in the clinic include, Handwriting groups, Speed up Handwriting, the Alert Program, Core strength and Stability, Motor Co-ordination and Get Set for school. We advertise these groups on our website page and facebook page. If you have a group of children you think would be suitable, please contact Linda who can arrange a group for you.
  • Training for parents and teachers is available on request.
  • Loan of equipment and materials. We try when possible to have the equipment/books/materials we recommend on site available for loan. This allows families to see if the items work for their child in the home/school setting before purchasing. We ask families to put down a small fee for this which will be returned in full when the item is returned.

All services are competitively priced. Email us for a request of our fees and service delivery policy .

Please know that we are registered with Coru and therefore you can claim back expenses with some private medical insurance plans. Feel free to discuss this with us on your initial phone consultation.